The Day Obama Won

It is a little easier to wear an Obama T-Shirt in Mississippi today. Most of the whites still don’t like it but they are glad that their “Muslim” President killed the most wanted terrorist on the planet.

My fellow “Americans” down here are surprised that it was this incompetent president who wasn’t even born in the U.S.A who happened to stumble into Bin Laden. Sometimes they have to look at the ground when they hesitantly congratulate the man they have spent 3 years degrading.

“Yeah. He might be a little bit smarter than Bush,” my barber confessed with a hushed voice so that no other customers would hear. But even many of the oldest and most conservative patrons have come to know it too. The child in me wants to boast about the victory but thats not Obama’s way. “We don’t need to spike the football,” he tells us today. “This is not who we are.” Uh, okay. I guess that’s not who I am anymore after 37 years. I guess change is possible. 

The fun thing is that this is the easiest change I ever made. I didn’t even have to try to do it. I just magically got a little bit classier over night. I simply watched Obama accomplish something huge, not boast about it, not broadcast pictures about it, take satisfaction in it, and then I did the same.

Obama never had to sneer and posture and say “bring ’em on.” He’s not a cowboy or a bully or a warrior. He’s a scholar and a leader. And he will be our president for another five years.

Life is good when the President of the U.S.A can also be a teacher for the world. He can make us better as individuals, as teammates, as enemies, as kids, as parents… okay, you get the idea. I’m just glad that his being a black Muslim liberal spender didn’t prevent him from doing all of this.

Shane Gerzon-Kessler

Ruleville, Mississippi. U.S.A


About mostsensitive

Married with 5 beautiful kids but what a headache sometimes. I used to teach but the deluge of rugrats is getting louder than an African tsunami. Just let me chill like a white cloud in a blue eye. Alas. With race there is no first place. Welcome to my world.
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