TNT Commentary Mess

Thankyou to Charles, Kenny, and Chris, the loud black ex-ballers who inspired this post. Inbetween tonight’s Game Ones of Bulls/Hawks and Lakers/Mavs I got to watch these loudmouths repeatedly disrupt the anonymous white boy’s coherent attempts to conduct a reasonable conversation and breakdown of tonight’s games.

He looked slightly amused and quite overwhelmed. I would not have wanted to be in his shoes. Ernie Johnson, the normal white boy who is used to taking their abuse, was not in attendance. There have been times where Charles and Kenny have cracked me up pretty good but I hate seeing them monopolize the conversation. Yes, we liked watching your moves on the court. ‘Gone Fishin’ is a cute little segment. But do we really have to listen to you jabber and cackle nonstop after eating donuts and smoking J’s all day to prepare for the show?

This is not a race thing, We’re talking about brain cells. Please find one more strong and intelligent personality so that it’s at least a 2 and 2 split on that show. Please don’t let that quality of discourse become the norm on our sports programming.

Again, thank you guys. Because of your lovely banter, I googled and found a guy on this site who gave you awards for worst commentary ever. I laughed and then started my own blog.


About mostsensitive

Married with 5 beautiful kids but what a headache sometimes. I used to teach but the deluge of rugrats is getting louder than an African tsunami. Just let me chill like a white cloud in a blue eye. Alas. With race there is no first place. Welcome to my world.
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