Hit Him in the Throat

Just when I was ready to lay off of Charles Barkley for being a mere loudmouth, I hear him give this advice to every young player in the country watching the halftime show of Lakers/Mavs Game 1: “Hit him in the throat!” Yes kids, that is what you are supposed to do when someone is overzealous in boxing you out as Artest was with Dirk at the close of the half. Dirk Novitski threw an elbow in response and got a technical but Barkley claims he didn’t go far enough.

No, you don’t need to be a role model Charles. But giving advice that can kill people and ruin careers is going a little too far. Free Speech is an interesting thing these days. Charles isn’t allowed to say ‘Fuck’ on his show but he is allowed to promote lethal tactics for kids trying to learn a fun game. I shouldn’t be angry at Charles. Rather, I should be disappointed that Americans have selected him via Nielsen Rating to be our spokesman on athletics.

Mrs. Obama says “Playing basketball one hour a day is a great way to get fit. There’s running…jumping…even dancing.” Yes, it’s kind of cheesy but her words are healthy. I want American kids to grow up peacefully. For some reason the little brown kids are ending up in jail. Maybe it’s because too many of their role models are giving advice similar to Uncle Charles. Maybe it’s because every time the black toddlers show an ounce of curiosity and venture across the room to investigate some new mystery in the world, they are hit with a switch that mama cut off a tree and told “sit still and watch da TV!” Or was that just my wife and the women at her church?

I hear my 3 year old son calling out something in his sleep. He is saying “Get your ass out of here motherfucker!” And he is asleep. He used to look so peaceful in his sleep. God help us.

 Sex and violence provide for great entertainment. They are the law of the TV ratings landscape. I just wish my wife and Charles could watch their language around my kids.


About mostsensitive

Married with 5 beautiful kids but what a headache sometimes. I used to teach but the deluge of rugrats is getting louder than an African tsunami. Just let me chill like a white cloud in a blue eye. Alas. With race there is no first place. Welcome to my world.
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